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May & June June 9, 2013
$10-400, sliding scale
May 17, 2013

Composition Through Improvisation: ISP 2013 Panel Discussion

Don’t miss this opportunity at the beginning of day two of the ISP to hear these master performers discuss their use of improvisation in composing new works.

Daniel Flessas: moderator, longtime KBOO DJ

Catherine Lee – Tardis Ensemble, oboist

John Niekrasz – Why I Must Be Careful, drums & percussion

Rich Halley – co-founder of the CMG, saxophonist

Linda Austin – founder of Performance Works NorthWest, dance

Reed Wallsmith – Blue Cranes, Battle Hymns and Gardens, saxophonist

June 19, 2013 — 8pm
$5-15, sliding scale
Revival Drum Shop
1465 NE Prescott Ave
May 03, 2013

Our fundraiser for the Improvisation Summit of Portland 2013 is live. Please head over there, check out the awesome perks we have available and help make this amazing event happen.